SheepDip Workstation

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This software is designed to turn desktop PCs into active sheep-dips, giving a safe environment in which media can be checked for viruses. The PCs need to be deployed as members of a securely managed Windows domain which has filtered Internet access. They should be locked down as far as possible and used for no other purposes. In particular, their Internet access should be restricted so that it can only be used for automatic virus definition and security updates.

The components of a SheepDip Workstation are:

  • Desktop PC with mouse and keyboard connected via PS2 plugs, not by USB.
  • An antivirus program supported by the SheepDip Project. See published list.
  • The SheepDip Workstation scripts, available from this site.
  • Other software as described in the deployment guide. Most is available free-of-charge.

These systems are intended to be made conveniently available to anyone who might need to check removable media. They are typically sited near office or server room doors. A simple set of user instructions is provided for download. There is also a more comprehensive guide, intended for the local custodians of individual sheep-dip computers.

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