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Whenever several SheepDip Workstations are deployed within a Windows domain it is useful also to deploy a management server in order to provide the following:

  • Central management of anti-virus protection
  • Central collection and storage of sheep-dip logs
  • A dashboard web page for monitoring the workstations
  • SNMP trap alerting when problems occur

The first of these functions needs to be performed by whatever management software is provided by the antivirus supplier. The remainder can be done by the SheepDip Manager programs which are available for free download from the SheepDip Project.

There are also status dashboard and SNMP trap alert facilities available as part of SheepDip Manager for Network SheepDip systems.

NB: At this early stage in the project's life on SourceForge, the SheepDip Manager files available for download are incomplete. They are offered as an example of what will become available in due course. In particular, upload of an SNMP MIB file is awaiting completion of a PEN application that is currently being processed by IANA.

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