Re-imaging infected PCs

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A SheepDip Workstation is an invaluable tool to have available when re-imaging an infected PC. It can be used to sanitise the user's data files and keep them safe during the re-imaging process, ready for reloading when the machine is clean again. The process is as follows:

  • Copy all data files from the user's infected PC to a freshly formatted portable hard disc.
  • Connect the disc to a SheepDip Workstation and copy all files to the sheep-dip's local disc.
  • If any files are infected the sheep-dip will not copy them, therefore the copied data will be clean.
  • Re-image the user's PC and reload any additional software from original clean media.
  • Bring the PC's security patches and antivirus protection up-to-date.
  • Re-format the portable hard disc and copy the user's data files back to it from the sheep-dip.
  • Connect the disc to the re-imaged PC and copy the data files back to the PC's local disc.
  • Erase the sheep-dip's copies of the data files and re-image the portable hard disc.
  • Scan the cleaned PC with its own antivirus program. If all is well, then return it to the user.

For extra security, use a secure erasure program to clean the portable hard disc instead of simply re-formatting it.

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