Network SheepDip

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This is a server/client system for moving data between domains. It will only make a transfer if it is sure that there are no viruses in the data, and checks its own third-party antivirus in the same way that SheepDip Workstation does. Network SheepDip systems remove much of the need for using flash drives in-house.

A network sheep-dip server is deployed in each Windows domain. They use SSH to communicate through the firewalls between domains. Users have client programs on their own computers in the various domains. The clients send and receive data via their local network sheep-dip servers.

The servers check users' rights and scan files for viruses before transferring. Users' rights are managed with Active Directory. Each transfer is controlled from the more secure of the two domains involved. Files are combined into a single TAR archive file while being transferred. Users cannot see each others' files.

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