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In an organisation where removable media encryption is widely used, SheepDip Workstations can act frontier posts for encryption domains. Here are some details of how this can work:

  • The sheep-dips can be given more permissive removable media encryption policies than other computers in the same encryption domain.
  • A user can then transfer files from a visitor's unencrypted flash drive to encrypted removable media at a SheepDip Workstation.
  • The visitor's files will automatically be scanned for viruses by the sheep-dip during copying - an important precaution.
  • The same process can be used in reverse when giving files to visitors.
  • A SheepDip Workstation can be given keys for encryption domains other than its own domain.
  • It can then act as a point at which files can be transferred between removable media from different domains.

For in-house file transfers between encryption domains it is also possible to use a Network SheepDip system. Such a system eliminates the need for removable media, but still provides the enhanced virus checking that SheepDip Workstations offer.

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